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I cannot stand here and say that I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. Don't get me wrong, I always loved photography! Whether I was behind, beside or even in front of the camera, I was completely spellbound. I've never been much of a traditional artist, I can barely draw a stick man and don't even think of asking me to draw a circle. I did discover that I am wildly creative, have DREAMS that will make your head spin and love to tell a good story. That's exactly what photography is to me, being able to capture and convey a really good story, without the audience being bored by my monotone voice.  

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Liz Fiore

Deep down, I’m just a girl, now lady, whose got a hippie folk soul with a farm girl heart and I show that in my work. I am not fake and will not try to be something I am not. This includes my work, my style, my habits and anything else in my life. But most importantly I am unapologetically HAPPY!

I grew up in a town North of Boston in a big Irish/Italian family. We all had the awesome Boston accents and could have been the inspiration for many movie scenes. We lived near the woods and that was often what we did all day, just play in the WOODS. I am assuming that is why I am drawn to organic, natural imagery. I can't even drive by a farm, lake or river without hurting my neck to see if there is a good spot for pictures. Each session takes me on a little adventure, and I have yet to be disappointed where we've ended up. You can't say I am natural risk taker, but photography allows me to always try new things. I never stop learning and often I don't even have to make a definitive decision (which I find to be one of the more impossible things to do in life) since the sky is the limit. Many people come to me with a vision in their head and it is my job to pull it out and help create ART for the walls of their home.

Deep down, I’m just a girl, whose got a hippie folk soul with a farm girl heart.


ICE CREAM, cheesecake & mac & cheese, but burgers and bananas are also high on the list. 


A good hard LAUGH.

What do you need to get through everyday?


Are you superstitious?

I'm a Canon girl.

What kind of camera do you have?

Too many to choose, but this seems to always ring true...."You get what you pay for."

Favorite saying?

Anything Country!

What's on your car radio?

Typhoon Lagoon with my family!

If you could choose anywhere to go right now, where would it be?

What rescue do you work with?

No, I hate the gym, but I do love YOGA.

Do you go to the gym?