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365 Days

365 days!!!  That’s how much time has gone by since your little baby was first welcomed into this world!  How fast did that year go by???

Just look at your little baby, practically all grown up and changing everyday.  Likely walking, or close to it!  Destroying your house with the speed of light.  I bet you wouldn’t change a thing and wish you could freeze time.  Well the only way to do the is to take a picture!  Our one year sessions may not get all he oooo’s and ahhh’s of our newborn sessions, but they do get their own squeals and laughs…especially when there is cake involved!  

And that is the million dollar question folks…CAKE or NO CAKE?  My clients split that decision right down the middle.  Some prefer a more refined and tidy session, while others want to get a little messy.  Usually we go with the baby’s personalty, since we are trying to capture their true self, we let them decide.  Here are some classic moments of my one year sessions….with and without cake.