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Water Birth

I always feel so honored to be a part of these intimate family moments. I am not going to lie, it is a little nerve racking too. “What if I miss it?” “What if something goes wrong?” “What if they decide they don’t want a photographer?” All if these questions always pop into my head when someone books me for a birth. But when I get THE call, they are washed away by the excitement and adrenaline! I truly feel like a genuine family member waiting on the baby’s arrival. This birth was no different, but truthfully I was a little more worried. Momma gave birth to one of her children in her own bathroom, so clearly I had to be ready to RUN. Well I made it, and it was an AMAZING WATER BIRTH. I generally prefer black & white edits for births, but this time I am ALL ABOUT COLOR! This mama was so beautiful and so was the birth of her 4th child. I will post both and you tell me, which do you prefer????