Beautiful Baby Alert -

Beautiful Baby Alert

Sometimes when I walk into a client’s home I am in awe how of beautiful their babies are!  Sometimes I even want to take them home with me.  Because I am a sane person (debatable at times) I know I cannot steal their children, but I never miss a chance to snuggle them for an extra minute or two.  Georgie was one of the prettiest babies I have ever had the honor of photographing.  Sometimes the galleries surprise me when I am editing, both in good and bad ways, but this one was no shock.  The baby was beautiful and it was hard to hide that.  She produced one of the most lovely galleries to date.

This little girl was born on Valentine’s Day and it’s so appropriate because she is part of the most loving family I have ever seen. I have a strange feeling she will be VERY spoiled! Her mama was even nice enough to give her a bottle, with milk that “SHE MADE” for her. hehehe We had so many laughs throughout this session.

Little Georgie loves to be swaddled and she certainly had an independent streak. We had a few disagreements though. Like when I was trying to move her hand two inches and she slapped me away and opened one eye, shooting pretty serious stank eye. But what a beauty she is!