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Why I love Newborn babies

Of all the decisions I had to make opening up a photography business, there is one major choice that was no question.  That was what genre will I specialize in?  Without a doubt, I knew immediately it was NEWBORNS.  I have always loved kids and I always said my favorite age of babies, is when they are brand new.  So newborn photography to was.  Still one of my favorite session!  

Little Elliot was one of the cutest baby boys I have ever seen. He has the most perfect pouty lips ever!  I had already met his mama and daddy at their maternity session, so I knew he was going to have the most perfect skin too and I was not wrong.  This baby loved the camera and the camera loved him!  I think he even liked me!  Usually I am just the lady that moves them when they are trying to sleep.  He was such a good boy and snuggled right in for a nice nap the whole time I was with him.  Western ma moms coming for newborn photos please give your babies a pep talk and tell them to be like Elliot.